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The Faith Fellowship Baptist Church began on February 11, 1961 in the house of the Rev. Dr. John Price at 5540 Matthew Street in Philadelphia, PA.  The desire to organize this assembly was born out of a deep love and devotion to Jesus Christ.  Dr. Price desired to win souls for the Lord. The church began with seven adults and eight Sunday School children.  They met in his home for one year.  The membership grew rapidly and eventually a larger site was needed.  A property at 1218 East Chelten Avenue was purchased and the church worshipped there for six years.  

Dr. Price began teaching the Bible to all the leaders of organizations and continually led the church in  evangelical, fundamental teaching ministry.  God spoke to Pastor Price to spread the Gospel in the streets and highways.  He instituted summertime Street Meetings and Door to Door Evangelism to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many souls were won for Christ, and many people joined the church.  

 In 1968, our present building at 2101 West 65th Avenue was purchased at the sacrifice of many members who mortgaged their own homes in order to contribute to the building fund.     Throughout the years many men, women, and children came and joined the congregation at this local assembly.  Out of this flock, the Lord called many men to the Gospel ministry; so throughout the nation they went forth to preach, teach, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Price ordained numerous ministers.  

After the death of Dr. John L. Price in 1988, the baton was passed to the Reverend Dr. William L. Bank who is a well loved, and respected Pastor, Bible Teacher  and Author.  He ushered in an era of stability and growth.  He was instrumental in the establishing of a city-wide Bible Class, and was active in home and foreign missions.  He served as Pastor from 1990 to 2001.

The next captain at the helm of this great ministry was  current  Pastor James R. Edlow, Sr.   Pastor Edlow brings an understanding of ministry in a post-modern era.  He understands the benefits of using modern technical advancements in furthering the Kingdom of God. We need to utilize everything God has placed at our disposal, and we need every generation to be engaged in the reshaping of our communities.   Pastor Edlow understands that our young people are both the present and the future of the Church, and by reaching out to them with the Word of Life, we are moving the Kingdom of God forward.  

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